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Guestbook message By Janet Price: Hi Nigel, I do hope you are keeping well, thank you for all your help in 2013. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Just love all your photographs, marvelous. Keep snapping. Best Wishes, Janet.
Guestbook message By alan taylor: Great pictures, l have a place overlooking the sea at walton but l have never seen anything like the images you have captured in the 12 years l have been there, fantastic. Alan
Guestbook message By Buzz: Ex work,(we met briefly in "revved up" Im the mad drummer!,), I've got a fascination for photography And you're work is quite inspiring Nigel Keep it up ol boy, Ps may see you in "R.U" again soon,
Guestbook message By Peter Turner: Hi Nigel, Just got my new camera and have taken inspiration from your Sanderlings with a couple of passable shots. Still finding my way around all the buttons!
Guestbook message By richard holgate: Hi Nigel, great photos, great website!! Hope all is going well, maybe pop in the shop when you get chance. bye for now, Richard Holgate.
Guestbook message By sheila flynn: Frinton holds a special place in my heart for many reasons and I have two of your photographs framed and am yet to buy the third. Please take more of Frinton
Guestbook message By ian lilley: well done nigel, just goes to show what beauty we have on our door step
Guestbook message By vivien rendell: Loved your thatched cottage. Perfection.
Guestbook message By Fran├žoise Granoulhac: I've just browsed through the site and put it in my favourites. Loved the feeling of space in the landscapes, and the way you capture movement and the perfection of the birds. Will come back to those great pictures.
Guestbook message By Emma Gentry: Fantastic photo's Nigel, very talented! See you at drums :)
Guestbook message By Stephen: I have really enjoyed viewing your photographs. I am visiting Frinton tomorrow to view properties. It's my intention to retire there. It looks such a peaceful unspoilt place. Kindest Regards
Guestbook message By sue: The frame I got for"Territorial Squabble" not doing justice to your picture,so will get better one and put Lennon in this one. Leggy outshining John-what a compliment! Looking forward to new pics.Great website! -Sue and Sarah.
Guestbook message By Richard Simons: Hello Nigel, these are indeed some of the best photographs of our coastline that I have ever seen. Your work truly reflects your patience and determination for perfection.
Guestbook message By carol: Fantastic quality - as an aspiring landscape photographer, I would love to have some technical information about how the pictures were taken, on the website please?
Guestbook message By Chas & Christina: Great site, very proffessional. Well done its a credit to the East Coast. We know how much time it takes to set up a ste like this as we have learnt from our own site featuring mainly our own photo's, distinctly amature by comparrison but we all start somewhere.
Guestbook message By Peter Turner: The subjects,the compositions and the patience to obtain these photographs has produced an amazing gallery. Congratulations.
Guestbook message By Debbie Smith: Hi Nige!!!! Just found out about your website its awesome, amazing pics! Very impressed! x
Guestbook message By Tina Robinson: Loved looking at the fantastic photos. Well done, I shall browse again soon. x
Guestbook message By Sylvia Whalley: Hi! Nigel. Thank you for the wonderful pictures which I never tire of looking at. They bring back memories of home as I now live in Australia. Thanks very much.
Guestbook message By jeff: Hi Nigel, It's Jeff from Clacton Electronics, just letting you know your new images are great. I only wish I got out and shot some frames in the snow. Left it till it was to late. Never mind, always next year!!
Guestbook message By Ron Tear: Hi Nigel, Thanks for the message. Your website is looking very professional and your images are striking to say the least. Hope you are having a measure of success with these image both on your local patch and further. All the best for 2010, good luck with your photography. Regards Ron Tear.
Guestbook message By Lorraine Childerley: Loved looking at all your great photos
Guestbook message By Lorraine Childerley: Loved looking at all your great photos
Guestbook message By Toby Crutchley: Hi Nigel. great pictures which my Dad loves especially the one of the Wyvenhoe which I purchased for Christmas for him. Thank you for your prompt replies and great service. Toby
Guestbook message By Gypo: Hi Nigel, the pictures are fantastic and excellant job on the framing! They went on the wall on Christmas day :-) Keep up the great work!
Guestbook message By Barry Jackson: Stunning pictures Nigel especially of the S/B Wyvenhoe and all the others. And they all tell me I live in a beautiful place here in NZ. I say take a long look around you Walton.
Guestbook message By keith Last: Some great images on your website, loved the storms/weather collection...keep up the quality work...Best wishes, keith
Guestbook message By john ratnage: hi nigel, although i live the other side of essex i send a lot of time at walton and now i can browes your images of walton which are great i can be there when i want
Guestbook message By steven Barton: what a tallent only place I have seen lightning that betters what you captured was in the Australian outback
Guestbook message By amanda: Absolutely stunning shots of the old and new lifeboats, I'm really proud of you, keep up the excellent work. love Mandy xx
Guestbook message By Anthony Allston: Great images Nigel, especially the weather ones ! Well done with your Gazette images of that Lightning !!!
Guestbook message By AMANDA: Hello there, Fantastic website Nigel, the ones of "leggy" in the tray are just brilliant! Stunning barge shots too.Keep up the excellent work . xx
Guestbook message By Sam Bubb: Hi Nigel, Great to meet you today. Fabulous photos! Sam
Guestbook message By Martin: Fantastic photos.Keep up the good work. Martin
Guestbook message By peter harris: brilliant pictures my one i bought is in hallway so every visitor can see.Keep up the good work and keep taking pictures of LEGGY.
Guestbook message By peter king: Hi Nigel Good to see you again today, love the pictures,terrific site.
Guestbook message By mandy: Hi Nigel, Just looked in, new front page is excellent. Stunning pictures in all galleries. Can't wait for the ones of Leggy in the tray feeding. Love M xx
Guestbook message By wayne halfhide: what a great site a very talented man.
Guestbook message By Christopher J H Lee: Great Works Nigel and so good to see Waltons beauty shown to its full with your amazing skills, always look forward to seeing your new work, and congrats on your Front Page spread in the local paper !
Guestbook message By Loreita: happened upon your site quite by chance searching for the 'lost church'. have never been to walton - glad i found you. love the spirit of your images.
Guestbook message By wayne halfhide: what a great site a very talented man.
Guestbook message By Margaret Sheen: Hi Bruv, The website is excellent and photography first class. What a star! I love them all. xxx
Guestbook message By Tony Nash: Hi Nigel, many thanks on your remarks on my website. I've checked your site out, your pictures are stunning! Love the storm pics. Regards, Tony
Guestbook message By Jeff: Jeff from Clacton Electronics. Great pictures, will look in more depth when I get home.
Guestbook message By Derek Blois: Some of the best pictures of barges I've seen on the web. Great reference.
Guestbook message By charlotte pickett: hello i live in frinton and i saw the thunder storm it was brill and i saw all the wons you took i saw it your so clever well done for making the front page on the frinton and walton gazzet =] x
Guestbook message By Bill Davies: Brilliant storm pictures Nigel;how do you do it? I wonder if you managed to get pictures at the Air Show at Clacton. If you did I would love to see them. I'll be back!
Guestbook message By Bill Davies: It's me again Nigel, just to let you know how much I admire The Thatched Cottage. Perfection!
Guestbook message By colin: Hi nigel,well worth the wait.Great photos as always,website great as i expected.Well done.
Guestbook message By Rob Sheen: Hello Nigel, this is a good quality well designed website, where are the railway pictures you took in Scotland? Rob
Guestbook message By Rod & Irene: Hi Nigel the pictures are stunning, also a great website,well done
Guestbook message By John & Ann Hooper: What a lovely site. Quality is so good.What a super place Walton-on-the-Naze is to be sure. We,like you,love it here.
Guestbook message By Amy Macfarlane: Hi Nigel, This is fantastic, keep up the good work!!! xx
Guestbook message By Bill Davies: I've always admired your photos Nigel. It's good to see them all in one place instead the odd one here and there in local publications. I shall browse again soon! Regards, Bill
Guestbook message By Dorothy Smith: Hi, Nigel, Just took a quick visit this morning when I received your email. Looks great and I'll be back when I have more time to browse. I love the farm and the changing scenes over the year. God bless, Dorothy
Guestbook message By Joan Counter: Hi Nigel, what stunning pictures, well done.
Guestbook message By Kieron Moir: Hi Nige love the picture leggy is my favourite. i didn't know you were writing a book, and website. sounds good Kieron
Guestbook message By Geoff Battersby: Hi Nigel, nice site. Well Done

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